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Answers to the Most Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What styles are hot?
A. This varies year to year, season to season. Mannino's Tux & Tails offers a huge selection of tuxedos and accessories in order to offer variety and suit many individual tastes. Each year several styles tend to be the ones that everybody wants to wear. From our experience, most young people want "fashion forward" or slightly different than ordinary looks. By visiting our store and talking with one or our tuxedo experts, you can see those "hot" styles firsthand to determine if they fit your individual taste.
Q. When should I reserve my tuxedo?
A. The sooner you reserve your tuxedo the better, hopefully 2 or 3 weeks prior to the event. The hottest styles book out fast so, by booking early, you will have the greatest selection. The problem occurs when your date hasn't selected her dress yet and you are waiting to find out the color so you can coordinate your choices with her dress. The solution to this dilemma is to reserve your tuxedo style first. Then, when your date is able to let you know the color of her gown, return to select the tie and vest. If you are a procrastinator, take solace in knowing that
Mannino's Tux & Tails has thousands of tuxedos in stock, giving us the ability to help you even for those last minute requests.
Q.Do I have to pay for my tuxedo when I reserve it?
A. No, but paying in advance will help you save time on a very busy final fitting and pick up day. At
Mannino's Tux & Tails we require at least a $10 down payment to reserve your order. This down payment is refundable if you cancel your order at least 10 days prior to the event. The balance of your rental is due at the time of the final fitting. If you are paying by check make sure it is accompanied with a valid drivers license. If paying by a charge card that belongs to your parents or guardian, and they are not present, make sure you have letter of authorization giving you permission to use it.
Q. When is my tuxedo due back?
A. Tuxedos are due back the day after use. If your dance is on a Friday, tuxedos are due back Saturday. For Saturday dances your scheduled return date is Monday. Due to the heavy number of rentals during school formals it is imperative that you abide by this schedule. Late charges of $10 per day apply to rentals not returned on time. Your late return may also affect the prom goer who has reserved your tuxedo for the following weekend.
Q. How can I save money on my rental?
A. Almost all tuxedo companies offer special prom pricing. One look around your campus and you are bound to find a special coupon or flyer. At
Mannino's Tux & Tails you can save up to 25% on your tuxedo rental for your prom. A way to save additional money is to become a "Mannino's Tux & Tails Prom Representative". By referring your friends to come to Mannino's Tux & Tails Shop, you have the opportunity to earn further discounts, perhaps even a free tuxedo.
Q. How much should I expect to spend?
A. As the saying goes, "You get what you pay for". Be wary of any company that offers cutting edge high fashion coats for $39. These coats are typically out of style or have been rented an excessive amount of times. Don't be afraid to ask, "How old is that style of coat?" or, "Is that mannequin coat a true representation of the condition of the coat I would receive?"

Mannino's Tux & Tails maintains high standards and spends thousands of dollars each year making sure all tuxedos and accessories are of high quality. Average rentals for prom tuxedos range from $49 to $95 and include everything except vest and shoes. When checking prices find out what the rental includes and if they have any additional fees, such as damage waiver or tax. Try to avoid companies that lure you in with low base prices and charge you for every add-on. Tuxedos should come with: coat, pants, shirt, tie, suspenders, cumberbund plus studs and cufflinks for the shirt. Shoes and vest rental are typical items that require an additional fee.

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